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What is Immanuel Prayer?

Immanuel Prayer is a one-to-one prayer approach that assists in removing barriers between yourself and God. It is a way to reflect on your inner self, slowing down and creating a more intimate connection with God in the presence of a facilitator and the Holy Spirit. As you share your story with the one helping you pray, you can personally experience the power of prayer and Presence that leads to hope, courage and new spiritual beginnings. Furthermore, Immanuel Prayer allows you to identify places where lies have infiltrated and overwhelmed your life by separating them from true beliefs allowing one to come face to face with his or her Creator.

God is constantly present and there to guide, direct, attune, encourage, correct, heal and deliver. Immanuel Prayer seeks to make that visible for you. In essence, the long term goal of Immanuel Prayer is to develop an Immanuel Lifestyle.

What is an Immanuel Lifestyle?

Immanuel Lifestyle is a way of life that emphasizes the presence of God in all aspects of one’s life - taking the experience of Immanuel Prayer with you through everyday life. It is a commitment to experiencing and living in God’s presence in every moment, cultivating a deep and intimate relationship with Him. The Immanuel Lifestyle is based on the concept of “Immanuel,” which means “God with us” in Hebrew. It involves being mindful of God’s presence throughout the day, inviting Him into every situation, and seeking to align one’s thoughts, actions, and attitudes with His will. An Immanuel Lifestyle can be nurtured through prayer, meditation, Bible reading, and other spiritual disciplines that help you grow in your relationship with God.

Who benefits from Immanuel Prayer?

Although everyone can benefit from Immanuel Prayer, it can be especially helpful for those going through grief or in need of healing from past trauma.

What does an Immanuel Prayer Session look like?

Embark on a transformative journey with an Immanuel Prayer session, typically lasting an hour. Facilitated by Hary, this sacred process is wholeheartedly designed to forge a profound connection with God. Within this communion, the potential for profound healing, renewed connection, and deeper intimacy await.

Your Immanuel Prayer experience unfolds in these stages:

  • Phase 1: Begin with an opening prayer, gathering memories of moments when you felt close to Christ.

  • Phase 2: Building upon these encounters, you’ll express appreciation for the Lord’s characteristics through words. Example sentiments include, “Heavenly Father, you are good, you are all knowing, I feel your deep love.”

  • Phase 3: His enduring presence in your journey, becomes palpable. Witness Him alongside you in all that you do. This connection is facilitated by the Holy Spirit, unveiling Jesus and allowing us to experience His presence deeper.

  • Phase 4: Have a conversation with Jesus. Ask Him what He wants to show you, where He wants to take you, and receive His gift of healing and deeper intimacy.

This immersive engagement with the tangible presence of Jesus frequently serves as the conduit for healing, addressing both past wounds and current trials. It’s vital to emphasize that Immanuel Prayer diverges from conventional counseling; rather, it offers a conduit for fostering a profound bond with the transformative counsel, healing, and liberation imparted by the person of Jesus.

Receive healing and restoration through Immanuel Prayer