About Us

Our Vision

Matthew 6:21 reminds us that “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” God calls us to have a heart that treasures Him as he treasures us. God loves us by treasuring us. And He longs to make us whole so that we may have treasuring hearts like His. Hence the name, “Treasuring Heart Ministry”, we seek to partner with you in keeping Christ at the center of your heart, so that what God treastures, we treasure too.


“Luke 2:19 - But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.”

Introducing Hary

Hary Tan is a Christian, father, minister, teacher, and companion. He is passionate about providing spiritual support and direction to help you grow in intimacy with God.

Hary wants to partner with you to find joy in spiritual growth, discover your spiritual calling, and gain insights related to spiritual development. With his guidance, experience and encouragement, you will gain a companion as you become more connected to the Lord.

Hary is equipped to walk alongside you with understanding, patience and kindness as you get closer to your ultimate purpose - finding renewed intimacy and companionship with God.


“A story calls for companions, and we all have a story to tell. It opens up our hearts to notice that God has always been our faithful companion, listening and being there. Sharing our story allows its tunes to resonate in the souls of others.”

“Spiritual direction is about helping others notice God’s invitation. There are lots of noises that bury the invitation in our hearts. Listening to our souls will help us understand the deep longing of our hearts, and where we can hear God’s voice the clearest.”

“I find joy in offering a safe space and attentive presence in spiritual direction sessions that come from healed places in my heart. It is truly a blessing and privilege to walk with my directees in a journey of vulnerability, authenticity, and deepening intimacy with God.”


Hary Tan is a licensed minister with passion and calling for companionship. He completed a two-year certification program for Spiritual Direction from Sustainable Faith with a focus on contemplative prayer, Lectio Divina, and the practice of being in the presence of God.

Hary received his Micro M.Div from the Master’s Institute Seminary in Minnesota by completing eighteen masters-level courses with weekly spiritual and character formation, bi-weekly exercises in biblical studies, and a formal leadership development process.

  • Attentive presence through spiritual direction

  • Healing and restoration through Immanuel Prayer

  • Inspiration and guidance through a live speaking session